AVI DVD Burner 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


Convert AVI files to DVD and burn them straight away

AVI DVD Burner is a software application that allows instant file conversion from AVI files to DVD friendly formats, to ensure that users not only get the movies they want on their computer but that they can also take it to their television screens with ease.


The program is easy enough to use, requiring that users import the files, select the desired DVD format, and press start. That’s it, that’s the entirety of the process. AVI DVD Burner also supports recording and subtitle extraction, ensuring users have total control over what is burned and whether the subtitles come or not.


The program isn’t perfect, and does lack some of the settings that many users would have expected, but all in all it will get the job done.


AVI DVD Burner is a great tool for any one looking to easily and quickly convert their AVI files to more DVD friendly formats, and burn, in one quick set of steps.



  • Burning process embedded in the conversion process
  • Supports subtitles, supports recording



  • Lacks some settings, for the sake of user control
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