Arctic Torrent – Lightweight Torrent Client – Windows – Free Download

Artic Torrent

Torrenting has become an extremely useful way to share information between parties. BitTorrent, and similar clients, have become a must have for many types of computer users. The only issue with BitTorrent? It’s heavy on computer resources, taking up a lot of memory as it downloads the torrents.


This is where programs like Arctic Torrent come in. Arctic Torrent is a simplistic torrent client, a no frills version that lacks the bells and whistles – but also doesn’t weigh too heavy on computer resources.


The interface displays what’s being downloaded, the details of their origins, and that’s it. That being said, what more does a torrenter need?


Artic Torrent is a great lightweight torrenting program that may well one day be considered the newest ‘must have’.

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