Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus – Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus
Licence: Free
Author: IObit
Size: 58.6 MB

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus is a powerful system maintenance tool that offers a long list of features, all while using a state-of-the-art antivirus scanning engine. This really is an impressive program that everyone could make use of, being one of the most comprehensive PC optimization suite available on the market today.

You will not believe the amount of things you can do with Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus. It can help you with everything from cleaning your registry, to finding duplicate and unnecessary files, to defragging your hard drive, scanning for malware and security threats, and even optimizing you network for specific performances needs. All of these options may seem overwhelming, but Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus is actually quite easy and effective to use. In user performance reports, it was noted that this program was able to detect and fix problems that most other programs couldn’t, and this even includes the famous CCleaner.

The registry cleaner is well known for being able to work quickly, all while backing up your registry, as well as defragmenting it to increase performance. But one of the most useful features of Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus is the option to automate these maintenance schedules. Yes, other programs can do this as well, but with this specific application it truly does it automatically. The moment files and issues pop up, Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus gets to work to fix the problems so that your operating system continues to work as efficiently as possible.

With all of these awesome features available, it is easy to forget the additional antivirus section of Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus. The developers of this program decided to use BitDefender’s antivirus scanning engine, so the performance of it is great and on par with all the other competing programs out there.

The only downside to the program is that, as you can image with all the functionality it offers, it can take a little time for all the scanning and optimization tasks to be completed. But regardless, this is an excellent program that everyone would be happy with.

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