Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Windows – Free Download

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is one of the most prominent names in website development software. It offers users the ability to create websites, either completely from their own designs or from templates, to test the code (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript all supported), and to preview the site as the public will see it.

The templates available are gorgeous, flexibly and easily moved around, and widely available within the program. Whether you choose to use them or create your own, you’ll also have access to a full host of graphic tools. One such tool, the transition tool, allows Dreamweaver to create beautiful ways for your website visitors to shift between pages. By far the best part about using templates and tools through Dreamweaver however is the fact that the software code will be provided – so you don’t have to write it yourself.

Dreamweaver supports CSS, HTML, and JavaScript programming languages. This versatility has allowed it to maintain its popularity even as the web shifts between which language dominates website development in the future. On top of helping you create code, Dreamweaver software includes code highlighting (to keep your code organized and clean), autocomplete, and a project feature that allows multiple files to be united. This makes it an easy, effective, and overall excellent coding resource, as it not only supports code creation but also maintenance and updating.

The latest feature worth mentioning with Dreamweaver is the ability to create sites that can function fully across devices. This amazing flexibility means that visitors to your site can choose between viewing it on PC, smart phone, or even on tablets and the site should still fully function.

It’s no wonder that Adobe Dreamweaver CC has become the brand name of website development. With a host of tools at your disposal, and a lot of support in learning how to use them, it has long been a fan favorite.

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