Abdio PDF Reader 5.4 – Abdio PDF Reader 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: 5.4
Licence: Gratis
Author: Abdio PDF Reader
Size: 4,4 MB

Over the years, the PDF Reader by Adobe has become the standard on the market.  However, there are many other alternatives out there that you may not have known even existed.  If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe, perhaps one that is faster and gives your more permissions for working with this kind of document, then you should definitely try Abdio PDF Reader.  This reader has all of the basic functions you need to be able to work with PDF files, and is much faster than its main competitor.

The simple and speedy PDF reader

Abdio PDF Reader is incredibly simple to use, with no fuss and no unnecessary functions thrown in, just the basics.  The program’s layout is very similar to that of Adobe Reader, so if you have ever used that program before, then working with Abdio will feel almost natural.  Even if you have not worked with its muse, the interface is extremely straightforward.  After downloading the program, open the PDF document you wish to work with, and you will see all of the basic command options laid out in front of you.  You can flip through the pages of the document, zoom in and out, search, select and copy text to your clipboard.  The text appears clear and easy to read.  Abdio PDF Reader even includes shortcuts that allow you to send text and documents to a printer, by email, by fax, and more.

You should not expect tons of extra functions, plugins, and extensions from this reader.  Abdio PDF Reader keeps things basic and straight to the point.  Unlike its biggest competitor, this program is not inflated with tons of extra fluff, which keeps it light and allows for documents to load even faster.  The freeware program does not have a plugin for your web browser, but it will install a desktop icon.  If you are happy with its performance, you can simply make Abdio PDF Reader your browser’s home page.  That way, all of the PDF documents you come across online can be quickly opened with this speedy and uncomplicated reader.

For a faster and more straightforward PDF reader than the market standard, give Abdio PDF Reader a go.  In addition to its speed and simplicity, this program is also completely free.

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