Drive and Dodge

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Quick Flash Games has released Drive and Dodge, a fast paced action game where player’s only goal is to avoid hitting other cars as their own car goes progressively faster. This is a flash game that takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to play, and it is surprisingly difficult to try to continuously beat a high score.

The controls are simple enough, requiring only the four arrow keys on the keyboard, and the graphics are notably simplistic. This is the trend amongst casual games like Drive and Dodge, but it is often appreciated by users just looking for a quick way to enjoy some action.

Drive and Dodge offers a simple goal, but a surprisingly difficult one, to avoid getting hit by other cars as the player’s car speeds up. The game is available freely online, and merely googling the title will have it up and running in a number of seconds. Easy to access, easy to play, try out Drive and Dodge today!

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